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We've put this information together to place at rest the minds of potential guests that are unsure as to what the pre authorisation of debit / credit cards actually involves. We hope that you find the information provided to be of value.

What is Pre Authorisation ?

Pre Authorisation is the temporary hold of a specified amount of money available on the balance of a credit or debit card. The pre authorisation is NOT a charge. The device ensures that we do not suffer any unnecessary losses and also ( more importantly ) helps to combat card fraud.
When you make a reservation for rooms at our B and B in Cardigan, there may possibly be instances where we will contact your card company to confirm that the card you have provided us with the details of, is valid and has not been reported lost or stolen. At this time, the card company may also check to see if the card has enough funds to cover the transaction.
We do not proceed with the charge at this time. The times at which your card will be charged will be the day of reservation (for the deposit) and the day of departure ( for the account balance )

Why is the card Pre Authorised ?
Unlike most businesses we provide our service a number of days ( possibly weeks) prior to actually getting payment for the services that we provide. When you the guest give us the details of your card, the pre auth guarantees us that the card you gave as future payment will indeed be able to accept our charge. If we did not get a pre auth on the card, then a guest could reduce their available balance to zero and leave the facility without providing another form of payment. We would have then have no recourse to collect our valid charges.

How much will the Pre Auth be for ?
Coed y Bryn B and B reserves the right to pre authorise credit / debit cards for the total cost of the stay duration plus an additional £150 for our standard / ensuite rooms and £350 for our luxury studio suite ( unless otherwise stated ). The additional cost is to cover any additional charges, inc. losses or damages that may occur during the stay.

When is the card Pre Authorised ?
Cards may be pre authorised when you (the guest) make a reservation guaranteeing your arrival. However, this does NOT always occur and is subject to the type of reservation and / or the booking agent being used. A second pre authorisation may be done on the same card if a significant amount of time has passed since the reservation was made. If you are a 'walk in' guest your card will be pre authorised on arrival.

When does the Pre Auth get released from the credit / debit card ?
This is subject to your individual credit / debit card supplier. At checkout, the balance on your account will be debited from your card. Once our actual charge is posted it can take anywhere from 1 to 3 days ( for most of the general cards in use ) to 2-3 weeks (for certain credit cards - especially those issued outside the UK) for the pre auth to be removed by your company.

Can the Pre Auth be removed sooner ?
Once again, this depends on your actual credit / debit card company. We are unable to remove pre auths directly through our facility; we can only place them on. We have found that most card companies remove the Pre Auth within 72 hours of our actual charge being posted.

When did we start the practice of Pre Authorisation ?
We have been pre authorising cards since we opened for business in 2012 This is not a new practice and we do not hide behind the fact that we must do this to ensure that we do not suffer unnecessary losses. By ensuring that we have a very low loss rate we are able to maintain low prices which indirectly benefits our guests.

How much does Pre Auth Cost ?
Nothing. It's totally free of all charges.

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